About Rihana

Rihana RiesRihana is a writer, editor and former Japanese baby catalogue model based in Melbourne.

As a child, she fantasised about being a palaeontologist, a forensic scientist and a lawyer, but ultimately pursued a career in publishing after quite incorrectly presuming she would be fantastic at philosophy and theatre studies. She won the 2008 University of Melbourne Creative Writing Competition and her work has appeared in Above Water, Voiceworks and Sleepers Almanac.

Rihana currently works as an editor in-house, working across illustrated and narrative non-fiction lists. She has worked on titles in numerous genres, including history, biography, photography, food, true crime and self-improvement, and has a list of interests just as diverse. She hopes her love of fiction and her passion for editing will eventually converge, but for now she indulges her epicurean side by reading about food all day (it is, she swears, for work).

She will one day get around to finishing her masters degree in creative writing, publishing and editing.

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